Towards a Child Friendly Village !

What is Child Friendly Village or Ward?

  • When children are protected from all forms of abuse and exploitation, given ample scope to enjoy all their rights – education, play, food, freedom and that their opinions are heard, be a part of the decision-making process or at least be aware of the local affairs and is better informed to make a decision at an appropriate age. One may say that it is a Child Friendly Village or Ward.

Key objectives of a Child Friendly Village or Ward?

  • The basic needs of every child are met qualitatively.
  • All the children who are eligible beneficiaries access schemes and programs.
  • Zero child rights violations with effective vigilance for prevention.

Key Strategies of Child Friendly Village or Ward?

      • Census of all children below 18 years needs to be taken with comprehensive details including their contact and their status to be reviewed every half yearly. Children and adults in the village need to have awareness on child rights, schemes and programs.
      • Comprehensive village or ward level child protection and development plan need to be developed and practiced.
      • Need to identify some important child related issues and the solutions should be drafted as key messages and sent to the concerned persons in the village.
      • Effective convergence need to be practiced by village officers, village/ward secretariats,  CBOs, NGOs and people’s representatives
      • 24/7 child rights monitoring / vigil is in place.
      • Encourage ‘Right to Participation’ of children and make them as ‘agents of change’.
      • Promote in the community the culture of care and protection of children who are in need.
      • Support of Youth and Adult groups etc.
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